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          Hawai'i State AFL-CIO

Hawaiʻi State AFL-CIO
345 Queen Street, Suite 500
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 597-1441
FAX: (808) 593-2149


President Randy P. Perreira

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The Hawai'i State AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of 73 local affiliate unions and councils in the State whose parent international unions are affiliated at the national level with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). We are one of 51 state federations operating under a charter granted by the AFL-CIO.

Like its parent AFL-CIO, the Hawai'i State AFL-CIO does no bargaining with employers. It is not a union, but a union of unions.

The Hawaiʻi State AFL-CIO serves its constituent unions by speaking for the entire labor movement before the state legislature and other branches of state and county government.

Our basic purpose is to use the collective strength of the labor movement in the state to protect and advance the interests of all workers and their families. We provide affiliates with a mechanism to exchange views and make decisions to promote a unified voice and unified action. We provide affiliates with a process to come together in support of political candidates, to fight for legislation and cooperate in other mutually agreed on goals, programs and services.

Joined together since 1966, the affiliates of the Hawai'i State AFL-CIO work in solidarity to promote the welfare of working men and women in Hawai'i and the trade union movement, locally, nationally and world-wide.

In addition to the President, there are forty-four Vice Presidents elected from among our affiliates to lead us in the accomplishment of our common goals.

We seek the fulfillment of the hopes and aspirations of the working men and women of Hawai'i through democratic processes, at the bargaining table, in the community, and within the framework of our constitutional government and consistent with our institutions and traditions.

By constitution and charter, we dedicate ourselves and our locals:

  • To aid workers in securing improved wages, hours, and working conditions with due regard for the autonomy, integrity, and jurisdiction of our affiliates;
  • To aid and assist our affiliates in their work to organize workers into unions;
  • To encourage all workers without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin or ancestry to share equally in the full benefits of union organization;
  • To secure legislation, public policy and programs which will safeguard and promote the principles of free collective bargaining and to oppose legislation, public policy and programs inimical to the rights of labor.
We invite your support in accomplishing these worthy goals.


Bill of Rights For All Workers in the State of Hawaiʻi:

As the voice for all of Hawaiʻi's workers, we dedicate ourselves, to improving the lives of working families, bringing fairness and dignity to the workplace. Our responsibility is clear and our duty certain: we cannot allow the interests of the best connected and most privileged among us to dictate policies that profoundly affect the rest of us.

We must continue our efforts to realize the promise of equal pay for equal work, and to inhibit practices and policies that turn decent jobs into marginal employment. We believe that building vibrant communities requires strong family units where a parent need not work two or more jobs and families have time to be together.

We will fight for a working family agenda at all levels of government. We will create a political force within the labor movement that empowers workers and speaks vigorously on the public issues that affect our lives.

Knowing and fully committed to this end, the Hawaii State AFL-CIO adopts the following Workers' Bill of Rights for all of Hawaiʻi's workers:

  • the right to organize and form a union, engage in collective bargaining, excercise full freedom of association and designate representatives of their own choosing for the purpose of negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment;
  • the right to engage in a lawful strike without being permanently replaced or losing their jobs;
  • the right to a "living wage" compensation for their labor;
  • the right to job training, other services and education that will empower them to maximize their eainirigs, improve their occupational skills and enhance the productivity of the state and our nation;
  • the right to safe and healthful working conditions and to receive from their employers a conscientious effort to reduce the number of occupational safety and health hazards at their places of employment;
  • the right to health care and prescription drug coverage for wage earners and their family members;
  • the right to earn their living in an environment fremm from all forms of discrimination;
  • the right to a livable and economically secure retirement free from efforts to replace gurranteed benefits with uninsured individual accounts;
  • the right to engage in the political process as guaranteed under the First Amendment to the Constitution, which would include voluntary participation in the union's political action committee, and the use of union dues money as currently provided under state and federal laws.

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   Catherine Lederer
    LCSP Director

    Brande Kahalewai
    Office Manager
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